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Writing Good Copy

  • Become a great copywriter by learning the techniques and secrets of the worlds best copywriters.
  • Learn with Master Copywriter Alan Tarr when you enroll in Write Like A Madman UniversityTM.
  • Develop professional copywriting skills that advance your career and grow your business.

Copywriting and Psychology

  • Write and psychologically structure your websites, emails and ads to achieve more sales.
  • 77% of business websites are under-powered. Activate our unique Web-Power templates.
  • Learn the right changes to make and create a huge difference in your success.

Email Marketing

  • Create dynamic emails with subject lines and messages that get read!
  • Use call-to-action templates that boost clicks and sales.
  • Access real emails while learning from their successes and mistakes.

Content Strategy

  • Content is king because it works.
  • Learn to use creative copywriting in Blogs, Newsletters, Reports, Advertisements and Websites.
  • Get instant access to a compreensive online library with consistent and focused educational material.

Copywriting Skills

  • Our graduates educate, inform and influence.
  • Whether writing for clients or your own business, the Copywriting skills you learn here embrace the essence of marketing.

Creative Copywriting

  • Copywriting is an art form blended with science; our courses show you how to best combine them.
  • Writing good copy takes time. Our multi-media courses, guides, templates and formulas are designed to channel creativity as well as enhance your existing skills.
Dan Persigehl
Dan Persigehl
I viewed the introduction video, then I literally took the next 3 days off work to focus on the “U”!! I’m like a kid at the candy store! These aren’t “template” fundamentals, these are “SUCCESS” fundamentals!
Rick Allen
Rick Allen
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But even in a picture, you need the RIGHT WORDS. Not just any words will do. Your words need to work hard like you do. So, when it comes to selecting the right words for the job, Alan is the best in the business. Whether you want to learn how to choose your words with laser focused precision or want a pro to write them for you, Alan Tarr is the best in the business.
Giselle M. Aguiar
Giselle M. Aguiar
I took Alan's online class on How to Write Like a Madman and it helped me tremendously in how I blog, create titles for my blog, and put the right calls-to-action on my website leading to more conversions. Good copywriting is key to successful marketing. I highly recommend it!
Blessing Okon
Blessing Okon
He's the best copywriter I've met so far. Write Like A Madman just like the name implies, you can't read his article and not have the desire to write
Brian Day
Brian Day
I hired Alan to write copy for my website home page to attract more engagement. He exceeded my expectations in every aspect of the project! Alan was prompt in responding every time I contacted him, and the results were excellent! I have no doubt his writing will keep more visitors on my site and increase sales. I would recommend Alan to anyone who needs effective copyrighting!
John Boyens
John Boyens
Write like a Madman University is an unbelievable marketing resource for Copywriters serving small to mid-sized businesses. There are courses and tutorials that are easy to understand and to put into action. There are a variety of toolboxes with scripts and templates you can personalize to your business/industry. Alan has a blog on the site (with archived content) and as an added bonus you can connect with Alan directly…he is a master wordsmith! If you're looking to get the word out, refine your message or rebrand Alan Tarr and Write like a Madman University is your go to resource!
Phil Mershon
Phil Mershon
I know Alan to be an honest man and likewise to be a man of tremendous talent. Aspiring copywriters will learn a great deal from listening to his sage wisdom and asking the right questions. He is a contemporary marvel and proves himself to be an asset to any successful writing career.
David Windle
David Windle
I have used this Marketing Approach and highly recommend it.
Vickie “Vickie”
Vickie “Vickie”
Email marketers! Do you procrastinate when it's time to write copy? Struggle no more with "How to Write Copy". Alan Tarr make it sooo easy to learn how to write great copy using his writing rules, steps and examples which are memorable so you can apply on the fly! I get higher open and response rates since I started writing great copy!
rbt wt
rbt wt
Way too much ad copy is being written by radio sales reps who'd rather be out selling. Much, if not most of the copy writing training these people receive is from other sales reps and stuff they've written. That's why most radio-produced ads sound the same, complete with those worn out cliches that can apply to anyone. "Best prices, friendly knowledgeable staff, conveniently located, wide variety, the sale you've been waiting for..." Even bad grammar. No, I'm sorry, writing ads is not something everybody can do. Like any skill, it has to be learned. Alan Tarr is about as good as it gets. He gets it. I can't recommend him more highly.


  • Write Like A Madman & Make Money Like Crazy (Signature Course – 13 Videos and 17 worksheets/downloads)

  • Marketing For Smarties 101 and 102

  • Radical WebPower:  The First Change In Website Strategy Since The Stone Age

  • Advanced Copywriting Techniques (Avialable as a Stand Alone)

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