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I’m Alan Tarr and I ❤ to write.

I found my “dream career” as a copywriter in my Sophomore year at college.  I got a paid internship at one of the top International Ad Agencies on Madison Avenue.  I learned from the masters of the art.  Those great agency heads who totally changed the face of copywriting and advertising… and were the model for the TV show Madmen…Bill Bernbach, David Ogilvy, Rosser Reeves (my first boss) and Raymond Rubicam.  In fact, I named my business, Write Like A Madman, in honor of them.

For the next six years (not counting a stint in the U.S. of Army) , I wrote:

  • Ad copy for companies like Datsun (now Nissan)
  • Jingles for clients (like Taco Joe’s and NARPRO)
  • Jokes for TV (Merv Griffin Show)
  • Parodies for MAD Magazine (another “madman” tie-in)
  • Four original songs that were published and demoed.

Eventually I realized my words made many millions for some great companies, but I wanted the benefits of my work to be mine.  So, while I freelanced, I co-founded four small businesses.  Two went gangbusters, one was so-so, and the fourth…well, we’ll simply say, I learned a lot.

Since 2002, I’ve centered my attention on small businesses and emerging copywriters.  I still love speaking in front of groups even though I’m no longer willing to travel.  Any of you who’ve been on the airlines lately, you know what I mean.  I did presentations and seminars for:

  • American Marketing Association
  • TRW Credit
  • City College of NY
  • AZ Small Business Assn
  • AZ Business Council
  • Inventors Association of Arizona
  • Civic Associations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Numerous Chambers of Commerce

You Don’t Know Me From Adam…yet

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Alan Tarr has done seminars and workshops for over 3100 emerging copywriters, entrepreneurs, and NPOs

He’s the best copywriter I’ve met so far. Write Like A Madman, just like the name implies, you can’t read his articles and not have the desire to write.”  

Blessing Okon, Google Reviews

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