About us

About Us Is Really ABOUT YOU

Hello and Welcome,

I’m Alan Tarr and I ❤ to write – and to help my friends learn and prosper.

In my 35+ year career as a copywriter and entrepreneur, I have helped over 3,100 emerging copywriters, and persons who own or run small businesses or non-profits gain insight as to how and why learning how to write copy will improve their lives. 

I hold that acquiring the  “Ability to use the Right Words and the Right Images, in the Right Order” is a copywriter’s Million Dollar Advantage!

If your career or business isn’t gaining the traction you expected, or if  you’re “stuck in neutral” and you’re looking for the accelerator, you can rev the engine of Better Results and generate more clicks, conversions, and revenues, simply by changing some of the words and images you use to communicate, without having to add one thin dime to your marketing budget.

This website – all its contents, and everything else I do - is dedicated to Your Amazing Success.