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    Write Like A Madman University is driven by our passion to provide copywriters, business and website owners, and non-profits with the proven tools, techniques, and Know-How to maximize their success.


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My name is Alan Tarr, Founder and Chief Content Officer of Write Like A Madman University, and I ❤ to write.

I’ve written jingles for franchises, jokes for TV (Merv Griffin Show), song parodies for MAD Magazine (another tie-in to the “Madman” title), four books on copywriting and marketing and even wrote and published four songs of my own. Mostly though, I’ve spent over 35 years writing dynamic marketing and conversion copy for clients large and small.

I trained at a top-five Madison Avenue (NY) ad agency, and wrote copy for large international corporations right down to the local bakery.

“Write Copy For Sales – Not Style!  This ain’t no fancy-dancy English Course.”

~Alan Tarr



One day it hit me…I was making other people millions but being paid peanuts.

Right then and there, I became a freelance copywriter and small business entrepreneur wannabe.  In the ensuing 30 years, I authored four books on marketing, and copywriting, and founded and four businesses of my own.  Happily, and successfully.

Since 2002, I’ve worked with or trained over 3,000 budding copywriters and business owners in the Techniques and Secrets of the World’s Best Copywriters and Marketers.  I never thought anything could be better than my in-person seminars…but I was wrong.

 Covid Strikes

I presented 25-30 seminars and workshops a year. Then Covid struck, and for more than two years, that became impossible. 

It was time to reevaluate.

What If…

What if…I could redo all my seminars and workshops into courses, tutorials, and toolboxes designed for efficient online learning? 

Then, everything I presented in those workshops – and more – would be available to entrepreneurs and copywriters 24/7/365. 

I worked night and day for 14 months straight to get to a point where all my multi-media presentations were updated and organized into a wealth of “How-To” & “Why-To” training tools.  5 Courses, 3 Tutorials, and 7 Toolboxes.  Everything.  Videos, Audios, PDFs, Check Lists, Case Studies, Templates, Infographics, and more.  Over 330 individual items…including a goodly number of brand-new pieces.

And now (whew!) it’s finally ready for you in Write Like A Madman University.  The Practices, Techniques and Secrets I learned from the Masters, and perfected over 35+ years, can now be yours in an easy-to-understand, well-illustrated format.

What’s Next?

I’ve committed to three things that will keep me involved and busy.

  1. Continuing to write content for WLAM U.
  2. Being a personal “on call” coach to members of the WLAM U family.
  3. Answering general email questions from our members.

As I’ve been saying for years…”learn and prosper”.

See you around “campus”

My Skills

Helping copywriters and business owners who write their own copy succeed is my number one priority. Creating the perfect marketing message, and delivering it in the proper order, is what drives tangible results and generates more revenue for Write Like A Madman University members.. 

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