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Let’s Answer The Most Common Questions Before We Meet!

Our current students and past clients have asked a lot of questions over the years. These FAQs will help you better understand the opportunities our copywriting courses will open up for you.

If we missed a question, please fill out a brief form and we will answer you and load it into our question database!

How will taking your classes benefit me in my copywriting career?

What you learn at Write Like A Madman University (WLAM U) will equip you to:

  • Work with an agency as an employee or an on-call writer either in-house or remotely.
  • Hang out your shingle as a qualified freelance copywriter and get listed on the sites that bring copywriters and clients together.
  • Write effective, sales producing copy for your own business, and boost results from your marketing efforts like websites, landing pages, email campaigns, etc.
How long will it take me to get through the classes?

 Everyone’s different, so the courses let you work at your own pace.  Choose to dive deeply into one subject area or do all the courses first.  Some enrollees go through it in 30-60 days, some take longer.  But remember, all material is available to use 24/7/365.  WLAM U will help you become a better copywriter – and keep on improving.  These materials will be valuable go-to assets throughout your career.

Once I enroll in the classes, when can I start?

 Immediately.  Once your application is approved and you select your enrollment option, you’ll be on your way.

If I am paying the $97 a month and need help what do I do?

You always have the ability to upgrade your membership to get the email support and/or 1-on-1 coaching Zooms.  Contact us at support@writelikeamadman.com with any questions or requests.

This looks like something that is for copywriters who are trying to write copy for others. Can this help me write copy for my own business?

 Yes, absolutely!  The business owner/copywriter not only benefits from the copywriting courses, but also gets two full “Marketing For Smarties” courses and the “Marketer’s Toolbox”.  Additionally, you get the unique, “Radical WebPower” website strategy & structure course.

Will these lessons help me become a high paid copywriter?

Yes, with a bit of time and experience.  The average freelance copywriter (2019) earned over $81,000 a year.  To learn more about this, download our free report, “How To Make Real Money As A Freelance Copywriter”.   As for how you prepare yourself, I know of no better way than becoming a member of Write Like A Madman University™.


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