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“If you have anything to do with Copywriting and Marketing, you need this quick-read book on your shelf.”   [John Boyens, Author and a ‘Top 100 Productivity Expert’, TN] 9 Chapters – 82 pages – Fully Illustrated

Be A Darn Good Copywriter – InfoGuide. 

“This guide is always on my desktop when I’m writing. I use it as a reminder and a great Checklist.  If you write copy, you’ll use the heck out of this guide.”  [Michael Ohsman., Small Business Owner, AZ]

Be Better Copywriter In Two Weeks

As a part-time intern at a top Madison Avenue agency, it took me about 18 months of reading the classic copywriting books, and practicing what I learned, and being mentored by top writers, before the caterpillar turned into a butterfly, and become a “competent “staff copywriter. 

Then, another two years of writing under the eye of my manager before I was a full-fledged member of the team.

I learned in the days before personal computers.  With today’s internet, that learning time shrinks exponentially.  You can have hundreds of Mentor-Level videos, audios, guides, templates, and checklists at your fingertips 24/7/365.

You have the advantage of developing your skills faster and more effectively than I did.  And, with this massive online resource, you’ll grow from competency to highly-trained, and perhaps to Master Copywriter status.

How to write Copy for Better writing
6 Steps to becoming a Darn Good Copywriter

Your Career or Business is on the line!

They won’t solve your problem!

What WILL Solve Your Problem Is:

acquiring the Ability to use the RIGHT WORDS and the RIGHT IMAGES, in the RIGHT ORDER.

  • Chances are your marketing (websites, emails, and ads) isn’t bringing in the revenue you thought they would. The #1 reason for this is an inability to use the Right Words and the Right Images, in the Right Order – and that means copywriting.
  • In other words – you’ve not been able to create a Marketing Message (aka Value Proposition) so powerful and effective, that it generates leads and customers almost automatically. Studies show your Message is more important than anything – including money.
  • If you’re spending more time and energy worrying and planning, rather than with family and friends – you’ve got it backasswards. But it might surprise you to know, you’re not alone.  More than 7-out-of-10 small businesses put out ineffective marketing – costing them untold time, dollars, and peace of mind.
  • If you have a good, marketable, product or service, there’s no way in hell you should have to put up with mediocre, or even lousy, earnings.

Now, the good news: there is a solution.

Let me introduce you to the “How To Write Copy” System, a online program that teaches you – step-by-step – how to create winning Marketing Messages for websites, emails, brochures, and advertisements, so you can stop worrying, and start GROWING YOUR BUSINESS.

Great Services

With my
“How To Write Copy” system, you’ll discover…

Copywriting professionals
  • How to acquire the ability to use the Right Words and the Right Images, in the Right Order, to gain a Million Dollar Advantage!
  • The secret of maximizing the effectiveness of your webpages.
  • Why most marketing fails and how to avoid it.
  • The formula for creating Unique and Powerful Marketing Messages.
  • Why most businesses ignore 94% of their prospects – and how to fix that.
  • Templates and Checklists to cut your workload, while optimizing the conversion power of your writing.
  • The Absolutely, Positively Foolproof Headline Formulas.
  • How to create Max Impact Emails and Sales Letters that get opened, read, and clicked.
  • Why Artificial Intelligence can’t match the power of the trained copywriter’s mind.
  • The magic of Logical Thought Sequencing when matched with writing in Thought Bites.
  • Real World Case Studies that prove the point.
  • The Techniques and Secrets of the World’s Best Copywriters – Why and How they’ll work for you.
  • …and much, much more.

I’m Alan Tarr and I ❤ to write.

I found my “dream career” as a copywriter in my Sophomore year at college.  I got a paid internship at one of the top International Ad Agencies on Madison Avenue.  I learned from the masters of the art.  Those great agency heads who totally changed the face of copywriting and advertising… and were the model for the TV show Madmen…Bill Bernbach, David Ogilvy, Rosser Reeves (my first boss) and Raymond Rubicam.  In fact, I named my business, Write Like A Madman, in honor of them.

For the next six years (not counting a stint in the U.S. of Army) , I wrote:

  • Ad copy for companies like Datsun (now Nissan)
  • Jingles for clients (like Taco Joe’s)
  • Jokes for TV (Merv Griffin Show)
  • Parodies for MAD Magazine (another “madman” tie-in)
  • Four original songs that were published and demoed.

Eventually I realized my words made many millions for some great companies, but I wanted the benefits of my work to be mine.  So, while I freelanced, I co-founded four small businesses.  Two went gangbusters, one was so-so, and the fourth…well, we’ll simply say, I learned a lot.

Since 2002, I’ve centered my attention on small businesses and emerging copywriters.  I still love speaking in front of groups even though I’m no longer willing to travel.  Any of you who’ve been on the airlines lately, you know what I mean.  I did presentations and seminars for:

  • American Marketing Association
  • TRW Credit
  • City College of NY
  • AZ Small Business Assn
  • AZ Business Council
  • Civic Associations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Numerous Chambers of Commerce

You Don’t Know Me From Adam…yet

Copywriting professional speech

Alan Tarr has done seminars and workshops for over 3100 emerging copywriters, entrepreneurs, and NPOs

He’s the best copywriter I’ve met so far. Write Like A Madman, just like the name implies, you can’t read his articles and not have the desire to write.”  

Blessing Okon, Google Reviews

Ed Phillips Recounting Alan’s Appearance on his Talk Show

Who Benefits Most By Learning How To Write Copy?

“How To Write Copy” System @ Write Like A Madman University is Focused On The Needs Of those With Three Specific Responsibilities.

  1. Working Copywriters – Generate more success for your Clients and more Clients for yourself.
  2. Marketer/Copywriters (aka Business or NPO Owners or managers) – Boost your Clicks, Conversions, and Revenue without increasing your Marketing Budget.
  3. People with a J.O.B. – Get the Communications skills (copywriting) prized by employers  and that are critical to promotions, better career options, and success in the gig economy.

People in these three groups will get the highest Return On Investment, although our membership has attracted executives, clergy, and students.

And, as an ardent proponent of transparency, I do what few others will.  Open the curtains on my work. I encourage you to grab a look at 50 of my writing samples.

Copywriting Legend Raymond Rubicam said, “[T]he beginning of greatness is to be different and the beginning of failure is to be the same”.   HTWCS is:

  1. A Copywriting system – pure and simple. You learn the proven Techniques and Secrets of the World’s Best Copywriters geared to bring clicks, conversions, and cash.
  2. Written by one person (me), unlike over 90% of online multiple course offerings. With one author you get consistent, focused information and guidance.  With a goulash of multiple authors, you are apt to get some contradictory information, impeding your progress.
  3. Designed so you can learn at your own pace. Many others put you on a schedule, releasing one lesson a day, or a week.
  4. A deep dive into copywriting techniques, strategies, and applications. And because it’s focused, you get to your goal of being a Darn Good Copywriter faster.
  5. You learn your way. As a teacher, I know that people learn best in different ways: video, audio, images, and words.  HTWC uses all these methods extensively – even on the same topic.  Result: you learn and retain more.          

Why Choose The “How To Write Copy” System

We’re Proud Of How We Choose To Do Business

Perhaps you’ve seen the posts, Tweets, Emails, and ads, from some course providers that say:

  • “Go from $0 – $1M in 6 months” – or –
  • “Turn your passion into a $15k a month business.”

Shameful.  I’d love to see the number of their buyers who actually accomplished these feats.

Their marketing methodology is:

  1. You get some nice free content.
  2. Maybe then you buy their book for $9.99.
  3. Next, perhaps you sign up for a course, seminar, or mastermind, for $49 to $499 or so.
  4. Then, you get offers for the Ultimate Experience, Done 4U, or Personal Coaching… for the big bucks. Unless you go for this offer, you don’t get the “secret sauce” or personal help.

I choose to run my business differently.

Others Charge More & Give You Less.

You Won’t Be Ambushed By Some $5,000-$25,000 “Now Buy This” Offer

You get It All & Save Thousands

Let’s Compare Marketing Methodologies

  • I give out over 405 Free Items via Blogs, Tweets, Linked In, YouTube, and my weekly Classic Copywriting newsletter.
  • I’ve written four books. And…if you recall, at the top of this page, you are able to download my latest book and a bonus infographic, Free.
  • I have one product. It’s my All-Inclusive, How To Write Copy System.  One product – four ways to subscribe.
  • Pay for it Once – Have it For a Lifetime – Including New Additions
  • BEFORE YOU COMMIT – To make sure we’re right for each other,  start with a 7-Day ‘Test Drive’ Trial Membership for only $1.

Now that we’ve compared ourselves to other course providers, let’s take a close look at the contents of the How To Write Copy System.

One Unbeatable Product; Four Ways To Get It​

The “How To Write Copy” System @ Write Like A Madman University Contains Everything here…And More.

4 Full Courses

  • Write Like A Madman and Make Money Like Crazy (WLAM)
  • Marketing For Smarties (M4S)
    • Designed with the small business owner or NPO in mind.
    • Go from the basic to the advanced What-To, How-To and Why-To.
  • Radical WebPower (RWP)
    • The biggest advance in Website Strategy since the Stone Age.
    • As you learn what to say and how to say it, RWP gives massive help in page psychology and Logical Thought Sequencing leading to an effective CTA.
  • Advanced Copywriting Techniques (ACT)
    • You’ll love the templates and the real deep dive into the methodology and psychology in writing copy for conversion.



3 Tutorials

  • Offers & Risk Reducers (ORR)
    • Readers want deals, incentives, bonuses, and security when doing business with someone new. This tutorial covers them all – and how to implement them.
  • Adapting To Digital (DIG)
    • This is NOT a tech course…it covers writing and lead gen on the web as well as Writing Facebook ads, Emails, Organic Search and more.
  • WIN The Marketing Game (WTMG)
    • This is my 16 session Audio Book with Word-for-Word Transcripts

7 Toolboxes

  • Copywriter’s
  • Headline
  • Marketer’s
  • Franchising
  • Self-Test
  • Video & Audio
  • Twizdoms Infographics


Not Available To Non-Members

Membership Pricing Options

Now that you see what  you get with this system, you’ll want to jump in with both feet.

But Don’t.

Yes, I’m telling you not to enroll in my courses…at least not now.

I’d feel better – and I’m sure you will, too – when you have a chance to look everything over for – say one week – before you commit.

So, here’s my offer – take our 7-Day ‘Test Drive’ Trial Membership.  Pay just $1. 

Once you’re certain my system is what you want and need…then, go ahead and sign up for one of the four membership options…and keep your access to this extensive, members-only library of A to Z copywriting content, for a month, a year, or for a lifetime. 


Annual Membership

(All Access 24/7)



Best Deal

Gold – Lifetime Membership 1-Pay

(ALL ACCESS 24/7)​



Monthly Membership

(ALL ACCESS 24/7)​



Gold – Lifetime Membership 12-Pay

(ALL ACCESS 24/7)​



Why Do We Offer Lifetime Memberships?

Because you get a library of hundreds of videos, audios, guides, checklists, templates, and case studies you’ll refer to throughout your long career.  And because you shouldn’t have to keep paying year after year.

Would You Believe With All This You Get A


You Gotta Believe… Anyone signing up for any of the plans in this offer will get  6 Months Free eMail Support.  General questions answered personally by Alan.  (regularly $90)

Make a Good Career in Copywriting

Every time you log in, You'll Learn New Ways To Be A Better Copywriter.


 What if the unthinkable happens and I find out it isn’t for me?

No worries… because you start with a 7-Day ‘Test Drive’ Membership.  Then, it’s your choice whether to continue with one of the Membership Options.  Worst comes to worst, you’re out one little buck.   No auto renewal.  The choice is entirely up to you.

And, should you not think your dollar was well-spent,  I’ll even  refund your buck.  No whining.  No hard feelings.

Get Your Million Dollar Advantage!

“The Ability to use the Right Words and the Right Images, in the Right Order”

Once you master this system of communicating and add your own personal creative talent… increasing engagements, sales, and revenue will be like turning on a spigot.

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