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Write to inspire, to educate, to empower. Write to make a difference.         Write for good results.

Most Small Business Owners, NPOs, And Pro Copywriters, Face The Same Problem… Underperforming Marketing.

How to write a best selling copy

WHY is it named "Write Like A Madman University"?

Remember the hit TV show "MadMen”? It was inspired by the careers of four World-Class Copywriters, and top Agency CEOs: Bill Bernbach, David Ogilvy, Rosser Reeves, and Raymond Rubicam. I was fortunate enough to learn from, and write for, three of their great agencies. I named my online university in their honor.

How Can You Get Trained?

Small Business Marketing Advert

Whether you write a copy for a client, or for your own small business, one thing is clear – the chances are 3 to 1 your marketing is NOT bringing you the results you expect and probably deserve.

In a recent survey, we found the main reasons for the dismal performance of  74% of small business marketing came down to five:

  • Poor Customer Service
  • Price
  • Poor Products or Service
  • Poor Structure
  • Plain Lousy Writing

And, the #1 reason was Plain Lousy Writing (“Price” was 4th)

Who Can Fix This?

People who run small business and non-profit organizations – and people who are, by nature, copywriters, all have the Copywriter Gene.  It means they are the ones training will help the most – and the fastest.

  • The former will learn how to take what’s in their heads and what’s in their hearts and turn it into powerful and convincing marketing messages.
  • The latter will learn how to get to the essence of an organization’s true Value Proposition (how it benefits its customers) and use their talents to create powerful and convincing marketing messages.

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It will open your eyes to what is an interesting, valuable, and enjoyable skill. Learn more at this link.

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As the author of the “How To Write Copy” System at Write Like A Madman University, I’m obviously biased, but I truly believe it has the best copywriting courses anywhere on the net. You get four courses, three tutorials, and seven toolboxes loaded with videos, audios, and well-illustrated, step-by-step guides, templates, checklists, case studies, and more. Plus, 6 full months of unlimited email support. To Your Awesome Success.