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“Alan's quick tips, newsletters, Twizdoms, and Copywriting Courses have shown me how good writing attracts good clients. Now I Write Like A MadWOMAN and my business is flourishing.”

Heidi Thompson, 

You couldn't do more to strengthen your business and professionalize your writing than Alan Tarr's Write Like A Madman University's Copywriting Courses. Alan understands the tie between copywriting, marketing, and psychology. His courses prove the adage, 'Good Copywriting is the key to Good Marketing'.

Dr Gary Witt, Author, Sex & Marketing,

“I've been a member of Write Like A Madman University for some years now. I love how every time I went back in to refresh my memory, I'd find something new and helpful for our Non-Profit. Alan's University Copywriting Courses are great for NPOs because they provide the How and the Why, not just the What.”

Josh Kravitz

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