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What Are The Secrets Of The World’s Best Copywriters?

What Are The Secrets Of The World’s Best Copywriters – and how can you use them in your business?

Learning the Secrets Of The World’s Best Copywriters is one of the surest and least costly ways to boost your business, conversions, and sales.

This statement has been proven true time and again.  A recent study shows that your message is even more important than how much you spend on online or traditional advertising.

So, small business entrepreneurs, the fastest, cheapest way to increase your sales and conversions is to learn to write better.

Who Says So?

To start with, The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.  Plus me.   Now, being a copywriter for over 30 years, I got to experience that first-hand.  The better I got, the better my results seemed to be.  It was like magic.

But let me tell you right here and now, copywriting has little to do with your average high school or college writing course.  It is a clear, concise, and conversational way of speaking with your customers and prospects.  In some ways, it’s a down and dirty art form, in others, it’s the product of proven formulas.  But one thing it isn’t, my friends – it isn’t just a bunch of lies.

Bill Bernbach, one of the “Madmen” of Madison Avenue, who inspired the hit TV show, cautioned us, “The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.”

Power Up Your Website, Brochures, and Ads with The Secrets of the World’s Best Copywriters

Powerful, memorable, unique messages are what copywriters provide to their businesses or clients.  Just because you were an “A” English student, don’t make the mistake of thinking you are already a copywriter.  Not true by a long shot.

Aldous Huxley, acclaimed author of the novel, Brave New World, and sonneteer tells us, “It is easier to write ten effective sonnets than one effective advertisement.”  And he should know.  He tried his hand at copywriting – unsuccessfully.

Numerous other famous authors have also come from the ranks of copywriters.

How To Write Copy

So…Who Else?

Let’s see…besides Huxley, here a just a few recognizable names.

  • Helen Gurley Brown (Icon of Feminist Movement, Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan, Wrote Sex and the Single Girl)
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald (Led generations of readers with his writings including The Great Gatsby)
  • Joseph Heller (A leader of American thought from 1961 to his death in 1999.  Penned the classic Catch 22)
  • Elmore Leonard (A prolific writer of what was called “pulp fiction”.  Leonard was also an Award-Winning Author and Screenwriter. Among his many books and credits are “Get Shorty” (John Travolta)”, “Mr Majestyk” (Charles Bronson), and “Hombre” (Paul Newman)
  • James Patterson (King of the Mystery/Crime genre.  It’s not feasible to list his titles here, but his best selling books add up to over 230 million.)
  • Salman Rushdie (his “The Satanic Verses” were a worldwide phenomenon that forced him to live in hiding for decades due to the fatwas placed on him by Muslim clerics who found his book blasphemous.)

Learn the Secrets Of The World’s Best Copywriters and you will be able to craft your unique messages with power and style.  You will be able to “talk” to your readers clearly, without fear of being misunderstood.  And with the confidence that you are telling them something that will make their lives better.

The copywriter.  The critical link between a business and it’s customers. “Good marketing”, says Joe Chernov, CMO of Robin, “makes the company look good.  Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”  Getting to “great” is the job of the copywriter.

What “Secrets” Will You Learn?

I was trained by, and wrote for, three Top 5 International Ad Agencies on Madison Avenue.  These agencies were headed by the some of the most respected, accomplished, and noteworthy copywriters of all time.  Bill Bernbach, David Ogilvy, and Rosser Reeves.  What I learned from my time with those agencies could fill a hundred books.

The “Techniques and Secrets” they imparted to me and others, formed the foundation of my writing education.  As I moved through almost 40 years of copywriting, I consistently got to put those techniques into play at every level I attained.  As a Freelancer most of my career, I updated the practices as required.  I got to know what worked in which situations…and I started helping/coaching/advising the next generations of copywriters and small business entrepreneurs.

Eugene Schwartz, probably the best direct response copywriter ever, theorized as to why more recent copywriters and marketers did not have the outstanding success that Schwartz and the others enjoyed.

How To Learn The Secrets Of The World’s Best Copywriters

I have worked with over three thousand small business owners and copywriters through my Seminars, personal website evaluations, and consulting relationships.  The one questionable trait I found in quite a few of these Bedrock Entrepreneurs, was thinking that because they were experts at their business (almost always true) they, therefore, were experts in marketing their businesses (almost always false).

If you’re one of those entrepreneurs who want the hands-on experience of marketing, I suggest you learn those secrets, techniques, and practices that make professional copywriters able to boost the performance of almost any website or ad campaign.

Once you get the basics and move up to advanced techniques, you can be your own copywriter.  You’ll then be more able to take what’s in your head and in your heart and communicate it to your customers and prospects.  You’ll also learn “special” skills like:

  • Conversion Copywriting
  • Copywriting for the web
  • Writing for Recall
  • Tagline and Slogan copywriting
  • Headlines
  • Structuring Your Marketing Message
  • Building A World-Class Website

The Secrets of The World’s Best Copywriters are among the skills you will discover and learn in my signature tutorial, Write Like A Madman And Make Money Like Crazy.  This original, multi-media program consists of 13 videos and 28 supporting Guides, Templates, Check Lists and Audios.  It is, to my knowledge, the most complete, online marketing, branding, and copywriting tutorial specifically designed for small business entrepreneurs.

Just Some Of The Strategies, Techniques, and Secrets, You’ll Discover

Members of my How To Write Copy @Write Like A Madman University will be entertaining the following, plus others.

  • Flow
  • Hooks
  • Offers
  • Clarity
  • Rhyme
  • Rhythm
  • Benefits
  • Taglines
  • Strategy
  • Curiosity
  • Branding
  • Congruity
  • Headlines
  • Relevancy
  • Specificity
  • Messaging
  • Psychology
  • Crossheads
  • Satisfactions
  • Thought Bites
  • Risk Reducers
  • Future Buyers
  • Calls-To-Action
  • Customer Focus
  • Lead Generation
  • Value Proposition
  • Logical Thought Sequencing

Want to learn about all these, and more?

Here’s 3 Free, Helpful, Quick, Ways To Start Getting The Techniques and Secrets Of The World’s Best Copywriters

Watch Video #1 of my program, absolutely free.  I’m confident you’ll find it not only interesting, but relevant to the small business marketing experience, both online and traditional.

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I ♥ Copywriters and Marketer/Copywriters

Once you have become familiar with how to write effectively, you will notice that your prospects are staying on your site longer or reading your emails and clicking on your offer more frequently (whether the offer is to buy, get more information, reserve a time to talk to you, or whatever your goal is for that marketing piece).  In other words, your results will increase.

The longer you stay with it, the more you learn, the better your writing will become.  And Better Writing Brings Better Results.

I would love for you to read my article “Copywriters Are The Heart and Soul Of Marketing“.

Wishing you amazing success and the best of luck in your current and future endeavors.

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